Lieviti Cruasè

Il Cruasé

Cruasé: the etymology of a new trend

The word ‘Cruasé’ was formed by merging “cru” (selection) and “rosé”, and adding an ‘a’ in the middle. The name of Oltrepò Pavese’s new flagship wine (a natural DOCG traditional method rosé wine made from Pinot Noir grapes) has given us the chance to reclaim a piece of important local history. Cruà was the old name of the grape variety and wine par excellence made in Oltrepò Pavese at the turn of the 1700s.

The Consortium was inspired by a long-forgotten heritage outside the Lombard boundaries, which has now been revived in order to set trends on Italian and foreign markets. The old name of the grape variety, the prince of Oltrepò Pavese, is easy to remember and soft-sounding. It is a name that can be taken, modified and relaunched. The idea came about while the Consortium was working on the concept of a “naturally rosé” wine that had never been done before in Italy, let alone in the rest of the sparkling wine making world, where the focus has always been on cuvées from white and red grapes, musts or wines.

The word “Cruasé” was created by uniting the two expressions ‘Crua’ (like cru, but also meaning the best historical expression of the relationship between wine and land) and ‘rosé’, not a particularly valued wine in Italy, but with enormous potential. It is the collective brand owned by the Consortium, controlled by regulations, in support of the DOCG Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico Rosé. The production regulations foresee a series of parameters starting from the basics: minimum 85% Pinot Noir with the variety specified in the DOCG regulations. Brand regulations also focus on the appearance of the bottles and presentation packing; use of the brand is obviously exclusive to the DOCG.

The first important figures arrived in 2010. The market was initially Italian, although after Vinitaly, this new wine sparked interest in the UK and Germany. Sommeliers, tasters and enthusiasts in the wine world were already excited about the first natural rosé, the way it came about, the production regulations and the choice of region. They also liked the historical connection with Cruà. Cruasé is not just a cold marketing invention, but the new look and vast appeal of an old winemaking tradition in Lombardy and Italy.

The new pink bubbly is a new point of reference for quality Italian classified sparkling wine. Oltrepò Pavese has the only natural rosé from red grapes with the DOCG classification. This wine was created for the HORECA channel (hotels, restaurants and catering) but also for a sophisticated consumer who demands quality and a thrill from a wine, which has been developed in respect of local history. Its strongpoint is value for money, within reach of the domestic market and exports. Cruasé is the new business card for a region that boasts quality and natural wines.

Excellent bottles, together with the added value of a multitude of small and medium-sized wineries that have decided to start making sparkling wines in Oltrepò Pavese. To make Cruasé great, they have had to rise to the challenge, although they had never made a traditional method sparkling wine before.